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Fishing in Großarl

A Paradise for Sport and Recreational Fishers from May 1 - September 30

Großarltal offers fly fishers a one-of-a-kind fishing opportunity along the Großarler Acher from Großarl to the Hüttschlag valley head (National park Hohe Tauern).

The clear mountain waters from the Schödertal valley and Keeskogel glacier provide wonderful living conditions for native fish.

Surrounded by meadows and alpine pastures, the river has slow-flowing stretches, large pools, rapids, rocky undertows, and gravel banks, offering fly fishers a wide range of challenges and opportunities to hone their skill.

Großarler Ache - Area A:

(fishing area: from the quarry upstream to just before the Schappach tunnel)

Distance: approx. 12 km (including the differing tributary streams from the alpine valleys), slow to rapid-flowing with a width varying from 3 to 14 meters.

Population: mountain brook trout and grayling

Ötzlsee and Ache from the Schappach tunnel to the valley head - Area B:

Distance: Lake - around 2 ha in area and only accessible by foot; along the Großarler Ache - approx. 11 km. This area is catch and release only.

Population: brok trout, rainbow trout, char

In Areas A and B, fishing is only permitted with the use of a fly rod with wet and dry flies and with round bend hooks.

Fishing season: May 1 through September 30

1-day permit: € 45.-, 2-day permit: € 80.-, 3-day permit: € 105.-,
4-day permit: € 130.-, 5-day permit: € 145.-, 6-day permit: € 160,.-

Miscellaneous: Fishing is only allowed during the day. The use of boats are not allowed. The use of keepnets and the like is not allowed. Fishing permits are issued to a person and cannot be transfered.